Should you paint over wallpaper?


We hear you. Replacing wallcovering can be an inconvenience. Removing the paper, repairing damage from adhesive, skimming walls to ensure smoothness, and of course the repaint or reapplication, it’s time- and cost-intensive enough to drive a property manager crazy!

“But wait”, you think to yourself deviously. “What if I just paint over it?”

Put down that roller and step away from the vinyl! We understand the temptation to step around the whole process. But take it from us, painting over wallpaper leads to irregular paint application, poorly textured walls, and sometimes even reactivation of the adhesive (which means both paper and paint will literally fall off the wall anyway!). Plus, when you do finally decide to go back to basics and remove the paint and the paper, it can be a truly difficult and costly piece of work.

This is a PSA. Friends don’t let friends paint wallpaper.