Get Fit: IREM LA

March 1st - 31st, 2021 @ Morning - Night

Registration Closed

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Download inKin on your smart phone and connect one of the following devices to track your steps:
a. Fitbit
b. Garmin
c. Google Fit
d. Huami
e. Ihealth
f. Misfit
g. Polar
h. TomTom
i. Withings
j. Apple
Look for an email from InkIn to Join the Platform: GET FIT IREM LA. After you've been added to this platform you will be added to the contests that track your steps!

Earn Points through steps and work outs!
a. inKin Step Tracker: 1 Step = 1 Point / for Every 10,000 Steps get 10 BONUS POINTS
b. Fitness Class/Additional Workout = 5 Points (must submit a photo of you in the class with printed IREM sign (attached) with date for the points to count) to
c. Participate in Free Yoga Tuesdays @ 8:30 AM and Thursdays @ 2pm with Crystal Cerrato sponsored by Restoration Management Company by joining on Zoom   = 5 points (must submit photo doing the activity with printed IREM sign and date) to
d. Outdoor Activity - Hiking, Cycling, Swimming, Running = 5 Points (must submit a photo doing the activity with printed IREM sign and date) to

Post on Social Media & Tag @Iremla #GETFITIREMLA = 2 FREE POINTS


March 1st - 31st, 2021

Morning - Night


All Registrants $0



PO Box 11376
Burbank, CA 91510

Thank you to our Super Industry Partners

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